Sun 12 Sep 2021 17:43

Aldershot rugby club was founded back in 1991. We are a very young club but have achieved so much.

When the club first opened the 1st XV trained when and where they could - and so very often that was In Aldershot park on the edge of the car park so they could use the street lights.

Since that time the club has gone from strength to strength. With a name change to Aldershot AND Fleet the club became a more recognised force in the world of grass roots rugby.

At Aldershot and Fleet we're committed to creating a Rugby environment where respect, team spirit, sportsmanship and effort are all nurtured, with all our players talents being developed. There is a place for all levels of skill and experience at Aldershot and Fleet and we are keen to encourage everyone to come and try Rugby whatever their level of experience.

The club now has some of the greatest facilities in the county of Hampshire and a beautiful place they can call home.

Since the very beginning Aldershot and Fleet RUFC have had the honour of welcoming these hero's into our club - both on a social level and a very fierce competitive level, we have a close relationship with the British army. Aldershot barracks is only a five minute drive down the road.

The Rugby at Aldershot and Fleet starts with our under 6's, open to youngsters from the age of 4, which provides a fun play session based around the game we all love, played strictly for fun under the eyes of experienced coaches and aimed at introducing the game in a positive and fun way.

We look forward to welcoming you to Aldershot and Fleet soon.

If you are interested in playing then our training and match days are as follows:

Men -Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays 19:00-21:00.   Matches on Saturday afternoons

Ladies - Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays 19:00-21:00.  Matches: Touch Tournaments Sunday Afternoons (once a month

Juniors: - Training and matches on Sundays 10:00

For Further Information Contact: Malcolm Thomas 07767 391913 

Master team (Aged 35+) - Wednesday 19:00-21:00.       Matches once a month

For Further Information Contact: Steve Lowrie, 07502 982400